Caitlin D. Ovide - Fleur de Béton

Caitlin D. Ovide

Caitlin was born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana. At 11-years-old, she was displaced by Hurricane Katrina, moved to Texas, Alabama and relocated to D.C with family members; a year later she made a Louisville, Kentucky with her mother.

Throughout her journey, the most pivotal events she experienced were domestic violence, sexual assault and financial instability; however, her mother empowered her through sustained resilience. Caitlin attributes who she is today and her calling partially to these monumental moments and their outcomes. During these tumultuous times, she found refuge in school, books, art and self-reflection that fostered emotional sturdiness. Caitlin also found refuge in her support system, which influenced her endeavor to help other young people. 

Caitlin earned a full-tuition scholarship to attend the University of Louisville and majored in Economics. She has always loved to serve and work with others to create space, and break down barriers. During her undergraduate career she held several leadership positions: President of the Society of Porter Scholars, Resident Assistant, Chair of the African-American Program Funding Council, and Executive Vice President of Student Government Association. Additionally, she took courses in the Czech Republic and Prague, and taught elementary school students in Botswana, Africa. 

Caitlin is a candidate for her Masters of Economics focusing on policy. The aforementioned circumstances, and the hands of God led her to advocacy; particularly to create a platform that guides others through educational and professional development, self-empowerment and healthy living.