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Our purpose...

Fleur de Béton, or Concrete Flowers, pays homage to our New Orleans, Louisiana, French roots. We are passionate about the empowerment of young adults and teens focusing on:

  1. Mental wellness
  2. Interpersonal growth
  3. Leadership/business development
  4. Acknowledging your power

The Blog focuses on personal growth through love, spirituality, relationships, reflection and more. Health & Wellness is all about loving and caring for your body through herbal remedies, recipes and other tips we have learned along the way. In Schoolin' Tips we'll talk friends, networking, business, studying, testing and of course… more! This content is curated for you, so please contact us with any questions or topics that you would like Fleur de Béton to review.

This is a space where we believe you are able, we believe in your journey and we believe you can DO IT. The goal of Fleur de Béton is to be a place of refuge, guidance and love that can be accessed regardless of socio-economic status, after-school program availability at your school, spare time between college courses, parental presence, work etc. This content is here to meet you where you are. I hope you are able to find light in this space ☼


Throughout her journey, the most pivotal events she experienced were domestic violence, sexual assault and financial instability; however, her mother empowered her through sustained resilience. Caitlin attributes who she is today and her calling partially to...